“It doesn’t matter where we’re from, 
and the question is where we’re going to.

Our Story
Established in 2019, based in Shanghai, the brand name SALIGIA combines the first letters of 7 human desires (Superbia, Invidia, Ira, Accidia, Avaritia, Gula, Luxuria) that outlined by us as the "Ultimate Attractiveness," corresponding to the brand's core characteristics: "sexy yet classy." We design and sell high-quality lifestyles for elite men. Products include five categories: underwear, apparel, accessories, perfume, and personal care. The vision is to expand these five categories separately in 10 years to form a brand galaxy family and grow their international reputations. Underwear line (SALIGIA UNDERWEAR) is the leading business at present.
Our Belief
· We believe in the restrained aesthetics of city elites and the reductive philosophy of life. · We firmly maintain that simplicity can bring essential comfort and decency to life. · We hope to present the ultimate attractiveness of men with every global elite.